Titanium Plate Sawing

Our plate saws can handle titanium up to 17” high and 155” long.

Titanium Sawing Service | Titanium Processing Center

At Titanium Processing Center we offer a variety of titanium grades and sizes so you get the components you need quickly and easily. Our plate-sawing services help make us a complete source for titanium products, and we keep inventory in the pipeline so we can quickly deliver the items you need. 

Titanium plate is one of the hardest materials to cut, but we understand the properties of the metal and have the correct tools to work at higher speeds while still making accurate cuts with clean-edge finishes. Not only is proper equipment essential to ensure a clean cut, but operators also need to pay close attention to cooling the titanium throughout the process in order to avoid overheating. We are well versed in the most effective techniques, and always follow best practices for plate sawing and other titanium alloy finishing services, such as waterjet cutting and shearing. 

For example, we understand the importance of low cutting speeds when using a mechanical saw because doing so ensures that the blade won’t get too hot. We also know how to handle more advanced methods of cutting, such as waterjet. These can offer greater precision and produce a cleaner finish in most cases, as long as they are properly executed. Our comprehensive in-house knowledge enables us to offer multiple options to meet our customers’ needs and schedules. 

Companies across multiple industries depend on our experienced plate processing center to provide the expertise necessary to guarantee the best results. Our capabilities include sawing metal for use in the aerospace, oil and gas, defense, marine, medical and automotive industries, among others.

Why Work With Titanium Processing Center? 

We make it easy to find and cut the precise titanium sheet and plate you need for your next project. Large or small, we can accommodate a single part or hundreds of components. We’re committed to providing quick turns on the vast majority of cut parts we sell. In many cases, we can deliver pieces that require cutting or shearing within 24-48 hours of the request.

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We are a stocking distributor and service center of commercially pure and alloyed products in bar, sheet, plate, pipe, tubing, fasteners, fittings and more. We provide professional services and certified titanium products from our headquarters in New Baltimore, Michigan. 

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