What Makes a Great Titanium Distributor?

When you work in certain industries that require a constant supply of high-quality materials like titanium, you need to form a working relationship with an effective and reliable titanium distributor. You need to know that they will be able to deliver everything you need in a timely manner because the last thing you want is to hold up an entire project because you’re missing a length of titanium pipe.

Finding the right distributor isn’t something you should take lightly. Like any long-term relationship, you need to know a lot of details about the people you’re working with, and you need to know what actually makes a good distributor. There are several elements you can look at to determine whether or not you’ve found the right company to work with.

Quality Products

Make sure that you are getting pure, commercial grade titanium that matches your quality expectations. There’s not much else to say about this. Stick to your requirements and don’t settle for anything less.

Time Frame

Can your titanium distributor consistently and quickly fill your orders? How long does it take to ship out your products? There are several factors that may influence how long it takes to get your order, such as location and whether or not you requested any fabrication services, but you need to know that your production will keep moving forward without ever waiting on materials.

Inventory Levels

A distributor needs to have sufficient stock on hand at all times in order to fulfill orders from several clients. Any sudden outages can lead to extended waiting periods, so it’s important to know they have a large stock of all products and have systems in place to ensure they don’t get with a depleted inventory.

Full Range of Milled Products

You shouldn’t have to limit your options, nor should you have to go to several distributors to get the milled products you need. Your distributor should have a full range of products available, including:

Choice of Different Titanium Grades and Alloys

There are several commercially pure grades of titanium and alloys that can match your specific needs. Some types of titanium are better suited to different tasks, so your distributor should also have the professional staff on hand that can help you determine what, exactly, you will need.

Customer-Focused Service

What can the distributor offer you that is different from the competition? Look for companies that don’t require any minimum orders so you can get exactly what you need without being forced to buy unnecessary materials. You may also look for distributors who offer a range of fabrication services to cut and shape the titanium before they send it.

How Can You Tell If a Titanium Distributor Meets These Requirements?

There are several simple ways to determine whether or not your titanium distributor will live up to these requirements. You can look at specific parts of their business to see:

  • How long they’ve been working in the industry?
  • How has their company grown over the years?
  • Do they have an Online Store?
  • What kind of quality assurance certifications do they have?
  • Have they achieved AS9100C certification?
  • Are they a member of any industry associations?

Many of those certifications will determine whether or not the distributor is qualified to work in a variety of specialized industries. No matter what industry you work in, though, you can use these elements as a guideline to find the right distributor for your project.

At Titanium Processing Center we strive to consistently live up to all these standards, and we’ll work with you to make sure you get everything you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.