Understanding CP-70 Titanium

Understanding CP-70 Titanium | Titanium Processing Center

Understanding CP-70 Titanium:  Believe it or not, not all titanium is equal. Some classes, or grades are stronger than others. CP-70 titanium gets its name from its approximate yield strength of 70 ksi (or 480 MPa). It is the strongest and most resistant grade of titanium. There are four grades of titanium ranging from 1 (the weakest) to 4 (the strongest). CP (or commercially pure) titanium 70 is rated as a grade 4. Unalloyed CP-70 titanium is as strong and resistant as steel and nickel alloys.

CP-70 titanium is resistant to corrosion and fractures in temperatures of up to 400 degrees. In seawater, or salt water, it can endure temperatures of up 600 degrees. Besides its strength, it is also naturally lighter than comparable metals such as stainless steel.

CP-70 Titanium Uses

Its strength, corrosion resistance and flexibility make grade 4 titanium a great metal to used wherever strength and durability are important and needed. Grade 4 titanium has a variety of applications which include being used in airframe and aircraft engine components, marine and chemical processing machinery, heat exchangers, reaction vessels for chemical processing and desalinization plants, corrosive waste disposal wells, and pulp and paper production.

Where its Strength Comes From

The strength of any grade of titanium is maximized by the addition of other metals, and gasses. The more oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and iron that is added to titanium increases its strength. The allowable amount of these strengthening elements is also determined by the titanium grade. The lower the grade, the less allowable amount of these elements can be added. Grade 4 titanium, therefore, has the highest allow ability of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and iron. Unalloyed CP-70 titanium naturally comes with the highest content of oxygen and iron of all the grades. When these gases and metal are added to grade 4 titanium, it creates an alloy that is ultra-strong, extreme heat resistant, and corrosion resistant, while yielding high flexibility.

Commercially pure titanium usually comes in an annealed condition, meaning it has been heated and slowly cooled to eliminate impurities that can compromise its natural strength. Unlike other steels and metals, grade 4 titanium is least susceptible to cracking and fractures along its edges or seams.

The high corrosion resistance of CP titanium Grade 4 comes from an oxide layer that forms when there is exposure to oxygen. Even when this layer gets damaged, it uses oxygen to rebuild itself.

Grade 4 CP-70 titanium is a great choice for machinery and parts that undergo a lot of stress and need to withstand heat and corrosion. At the Titanium Processing Center, we have a vast inventory of grade 4 CP-70 titanium in various forms, shapes and sizes to fit your job requirements. We also have other titanium grades as well as titanium alloys available. Contact us today for a quote or more information about which titanium material you need to get your project done.