What to Look for in a Titanium Supplier

What to Look for in a Titanium Supplier

Titanium is a strong, durable, light metal that is also corrosion resistant, making its use beneficial in a variety of applications. Titanium is also more expensive than steel, making it a significant investment. Chances are, you’ve likely considered other metal options for your project besides titanium. Now that you’ve decided that titanium is the best metal to use in your project and you’ve budgeted in the additional cost, you need to find a titanium supplier.

Titanium is an investment, so you don’t want to buy your titanium from just any supplier.

Here are the things to look for in a titanium supplier to ensure that you get the best quality titanium metals and service:

  1.  Expertise

If you’re forking over money for top-quality titanium, the supplier should have expert knowledge of titanium. In addition to knowledge, the employees of the supplier should also have many years of experience working specifically with titanium. This way, they not only will be able to provide the best service, recommendations and advice, they will know first-hand how the metal behaves under different conditions.

  1. A variety of titanium parts

Chances are you know the size, dimensions and shapes of titanium parts your project needs. In the case that you don’t, a supplier with a variety of titanium parts can easily recommend which part and in which size would be the best for your project. An assortment of titanium part sizes will also take out the inconvenience of having to cut, mold and weld the titanium into the desired part. The part will already be made.

  1. A variety of titanium grades

You may know what part you want, but you may not be knowledgeable enough about titanium to know much about the different grades of titanium. You may think that all titanium is the same. Though each grade exhibits the same basic titanium characteristics, the grades behave differently in various circumstances and environments. With a variety of grades available, chances are high that the supplier will have the specific grade your project requires.

  1. Additional services

Whether you aren’t sure what size and shape your titanium parts need to be for your project or your project requires customization, it is convenient when other services such as drilling, sawing, fabrication and machining are available onsite.

  1. Metal quality documentation is readily available

Typically, when you buy an expensive antique or one-of-a-kind item, there will be a certificate of authenticity included stating that the product is authentic. In the metals industry, this certificate of authenticity is called a mill test report. Most metal suppliers will freely give you this documentation. Some will even include it free with your order.

When you go to a titanium supplier, you’ll need to be sure to get a mill test report with your order. The mill test report will verify that the titanium’s chemical and physical properties are in compliance with international standards.

After all, you paid for pure titanium so you should get pure titanium.

  1. Certification

Industries that are big consumers of titanium, such as aerospace, require their titanium suppliers to have specific certifications to do business with them. These certifications show that the supplier supplies titanium that meets high quality and safety standards. The most common and prestigious of these certifications is the AS9100 Revision C Certification, or AS9100C for short.

If you want the highest quality titanium for your project, why not look at titanium suppliers who are certified to work with companies in the aerospace industry?

  1. Quick delivery

Your project is important. There are time constraints to that need to be met. You can’t afford to wait weeks for your titanium to arrive. The project can’t continue without it. Look for a titanium supplier that has a quick turnaround and delivery time. Even better is a supplier that provides a quick delivery at no additional cost.

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