Titanium Waterjet Cutting Services

We offer a maximum input width of 115″ and a maximum input length of 160″

At Titanium Processing Center we offer a wide range of value-added services to ensure you get the best titanium products that fit your specifications. Our titanium waterjet cutting services are an effective way to deliver cut pieces while avoiding some of the problems that can come from other traditional cutting methods. Our machines allow a maximum input width of 115” and length of 160”, so we can meet a wide range of requirements.

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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting:

  • Very fast implementation from drawing board to cut piece
  • Short setup time – as tangential forces are minimum, workpieces need normally not be clamped
  • High precision –  reducing your final fabrication requirements
  • High cutting speeds
  • No need for resharpening tools
  • Safe for the operator and the environment – waterjet cutting does not produce vapors or dust and the method does not require costly coolants
  • Cold cutting method – does not affect the structural properties of the material
  • Clean end product –  with minimal clean up
  • Burr-free cutting edges – no need for reworking with most waterjet applications
  • Small cutting gaps
  • Ideal method for the production of prototypes and production processes that require high flexibility – successfully used in large serial production
  • Optimized utilization of material with CAD/CAM software
  • Customized system solutions

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