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Warner & Swasey 2A 14″ Diameter X 28″ Long Capacity for all of your titanium shearing needs

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Turning Commercially pure and alloyed titanium can be turned with little difficulty. Carbide tools of the throwaway type should be used, wherever possible, for turning and boring titanium and titanium alloys because of the higher production rates attainable with them.

The “straight” tungsten, carbide grades of standard designations C1 to C4, such as Metal Carbides C-91 and similar types, give the best results. Cobalt-type, high-speed steels appear to be the best of the many types of high-speed steel available. Cast-alloy tools may be used when carbide is not available and when the cheaper high-speed steels are not satisfactory.

Titanium: A Technical Guide from Titanium By Matthew J. Donachie