Titanium Band Sawing

We can handle any round, rectangular or square titanium products we have in stock.

Titanium Band Sawing Service | Titanium Processing Center

Industries ranging from aerospace to health care depend on titanium because it offers an exceptional level of durability. However, the qualities that make it essential for manufacturing everything from aircraft wings to medical implants also make it one of the most challenging materials to machine. Cutting titanium with a band saw is one of the most effective methods of working with this metal, but it requires skill and experience to be successful. Fortunately, Titanium Processing Center has the necessary expertise and both horizontal and vertical metal-cutting band saws to offer full capabilities.

Our Comprehensive Capabilities

Our wide range of value-added services ensure that you get products that match your specifications. Band sawing is an effective way to handle cutoff operations, and we use the industry standard equipment to get the best results possible. Currently our machines include:

  • Amada HFA 400W horizontal band saw with full CNC 20-3/4″ capacity
  • WF Wells F-16-2A horizontal band saw with 16″ capacity

Band sawing titanium — on both horizontal and vertical band saws – generally allows more freedom of operation than sawing heat-resistant materials like stainless steel. Water-soluble or sulfo-chlorinated cutting fluids are required to ensure a better result. We have the experience necessary to provide the machining services you need and still ship your products out quickly. Titanium is one of the most difficult metals to cut, but we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that every job is done right. When you put your trust in our experienced professionals, you can be confident that you will receive the highest-quality machined parts for your project. Our titanium band sawing services are always performed with the highest attention to detail.

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