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CP 2 & 6AL-4V Titanium Sheet Metal Available from .016” to .187” thick

Titanium Processing Center stocks a complete line of commercially pure and 6Al-4V titanium sheet. All material is supplied with original mill test reports and has complete traceability. Whether you need full sheets or cut-to-size blanks, we can accommodate your request. Depending on the requirement, material can be sawed, sheared or waterjet cut. Sheets are available from .016” to .187” thick. Same-day or next-day shipment is provided for most sheet metal orders.

Multiple Uses for Multiple Sectors

This metal is known for its extreme durability as well as its relatively light weight. This makes titanium sheet metal extremely useful in a number of industries. For example, Grade 2 titanium sheet is frequently used to fabricate tanks and other equipment for chemical processing plants. Other types are utilized in the aerospace sector, where they are formed into components such as airplane wings and turbine parts. Because titanium remains flexible while also being incredibly durable, it is ideally suited for such applications.

We have a wide selection of titanium sheets for sale. Our products are available in varying thicknesses, meaning you’re sure to find what you need when you browse through our inventory.

Why Choose Titanium Processing Center?

Since 1999, we have been dedicated to serving the needs of customers across a broad spectrum of markets. As a fully stocked, woman-owned distributor specializing in titanium sheet metal for sale and other related products, we offer extensive knowledge to serve you. Our representatives have decades of collective experience to guide you in the right direction and find the right answers for your project. In addition to a full selection of products ranging from plating to tubing to flanges and fittings, we offer complete design, fabrication and machining capabilities. With our ability to give our clients world-class manufacturing in addition to our assortment of billets, bars and other items, we are a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Bring us your blueprints or electronic drawings and we can supply the parts you need, no matter how large or small. Because we have no minimum order requirement, you can source a single part or thousands. We also have the ability to meet your schedule with on-time shipping, including same-day and next-day service. Anything that requires cutting, machining or other value-added services can ship within 24 hours, in most cases.

Please review the chart below of standard sizes in 6Al-4V titanium sheet. We can accommodate all requests with no minimum order requirement. For a quote please click on the INSTAQUOTE tab below. We also have standard cut sizes available in our 24/7, hassle-free online store. Just click on the BUY ONLINE tab to get started on your order.


Appx. Weight
Per Sheet (lbs)
.016 36 x 96 8.8
.020 36 x 96 11.0
.025 36 x 96 13.8
.032 36 x 96 17.7
.040 36 x 96 22.1
.050 36 x 96 27.7
.063 36 x 96 34.9
.071 36 x 96 39.3
.080 36 x 96 44.2
.090 36 x 96 49.8
.100 36 x 96 55.3
.125 36 x 96 69.1
.160 36 x 96 88.5
.187 36 x 96 103.4
Appx. Weight
Per Sheet (lbs)
.020 48 x 120 18.8
.028 48 x 120 26.3
.035 48 x 120 32.9
.040 48 x 120 37.6
.050 48 x 120 46.9
.063 48 x 120 59.1
.078 48 x 120 73.2
.093 48 x 120 87.3
.125 48 x 120 117.4

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