CP Grade 1 Titanium: ASTM B265

At Titanium Processing Center we continually update our inventory with a range of titanium grades so you can find what you need for any project. Grade 1 titanium is ideal for products that require a high corrosion resistance, like those used in the chemical and marine industries. It is also a good option in air-frame construction, where you need easier formability. This grade is available for everything from pipe and tubing to billets and bar – whatever you need for your next project.

We are a fully stocked supplier of high-quality titanium products, and we also have an experienced manufacturing division that can provide the fabrication and machining services you need to get the materials cut, drilled, sheared, or otherwise made to your specifications. Take a look at the mechanical, tensile, and physical properties of our grade 1 titanium and contact us to learn more about our offerings.

Chemical Composition (%) (Max. values unless range is shown) 0.08 C; 0.20 FE*, 0.03 N; 0.18 O; 0.015 H(sheet; 0.0125H (bar); 0.00100 H (billet)
Guar. R.T. Min. Typical Elev. Temp. Prop.
600 F 800 F 1000 F
Ultimate Strength (psi) 35,000 26,000 20,000
Yield Strength (psi)0.2% offset 25,000 15,000 13,000
Elongation in 2″ (%)Sheet > 0.025 thick 24 32 26
Reduction in Area (%) Bar 30 70/80 70/80
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES *Also available with 0.05 max FE for superior corrosion resistance.
Stress Rupturein Time Shown Stress (psi)
Time (Hrs.)
Stress and Timeto Produce ElongationShown (Creep) Stress (psi)
Time (Hrs.)
Creep (%)
Charpy V-Notch Impact (ft.-lbs.) at Room Temperature
Bend Radius Under 0.070″ thick 1.5 X Thickness
0.070″ And Over 2.0 X Thickness
Welded Bend Radius 1.5 – 2.0 X Thickness
Hardness RΒ70
Beta Transus (F ± 25) 1630
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6in./in./F) 32-212 4.8
32-600 5.1
32-1000 5.4
32-1200 5.6
32-1500 5.6
Density (lbs./cu. in.) 0.163
Melting Point, Approx (F) 3040
Electrical Resistivity at Room Temp. (Microhms cm) 56
Modulus Elasticity – Tension (106 psi) 14.9
Modulus Elasticity – Torsion (106 psi) 6.5
Thermal Conductivity(Btu/hr/sq. ft./F/ft.) 9.0 at Room Temperature
Specific Heat (Btu/lb./F) at Room Temp. 0.124
Weldability Good
Annealing Temp. (F) Full 1300°/30 Min. – 2 Hrs,; Air Cool
Stress Relief 1000-1100°/30 Min.; Air Cool
Forging* Temp. (F) Blocking 1600-1700°
Finishing 1500-1600°
Available Mill Products Bar, Billet, Extrusions, Plate Sheet, Strip, Wire, Pipe, Tubing
Typical Application For corrosion resistance in the chemical and marine industries; in air-frame construction
where maximum ease of formability is desired.
Industry Specifications ASTM

  • B265 Grade 1
  • B348 Grade 1
  • B337 Grade 1
  • B338 Grade 1
  • F67 Grade 1
  • F467 Grade 1
  • F468 Grade 1

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