Grade 7 Titanium: Ti-0.15Pd Titanium

At Titanium Processing Center we carry a large stock of Grade 7 alpha-beta alloy titanium. We are committed to providing a quick delivery on all our in-stock items so you can get your next project started as soon as possible. Whether you are looking for titanium sheet stock, plate stock, or custom made titanium, this type of titanium is a great choice for applications in the chemical industry or other areas that require a strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

We carry this titanium in bar, billet, extrusions, plate, sheet, strip, wire, pipe, and tubing. We also offer many value added services to provide the exact products you need, including machining, drilling, shearing, and more. Take a look at the mechanical, tensile, and physical properties listed on the chart and find the products that meet your needs. Titanium is a strong and versatile option compared to steel, and we make ordering and delivery simple.

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Chemical Composition (%)
(Max. values unless range is shown)
0.08 C; 0.30 FE*, 0.03 N; 0.2 Pd; 0.020 O
0.015 H (sheet); 0.0125H (bar)
Guar. R.T. Min.Typical Elev. Temp. Prop.
600 F800 F1000 F
Ultimate Strength (psi)50,00030,00026,00019,000
Yield Strength (psi)0.2% offset40,00018,00015,00011,000
Elongation in 2″ (%)
Sheet > 0.025 thick
Reduction in Area (%) Bar2570/8070/8070/80
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES*Also available with 0.05 max FE for superior corrosion resistance.
Stress Rupture
in Time Shown
Stress (psi)
Time (Hrs.)
Stress and Time
to Produce Elongation
Shown (Creep)
Stress (psi)
Time (Hrs.)
Creep (%)
Charpy V-Notch Impact (ft.-lbs.) at Room Temperature
Bend RadiusUnder 0.070″ thick2.0 X Thickness
0.070″ And Over2.5 X Thickness
Welded Bend Radius2.0 – 3.0 X Thickness
Beta Transus (F ± 25)1675
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6in./in./F)32-2124.8
Density (lbs./cu. in.)0.163
Melting Point, Approx (F)3020
Electrical Resistivity at Room Temp. (Microhms cm)56
Modulus Elasticity – Tension (106 psi)14.9
Modulus Elasticity – Torsion (106 psi)6.5
Thermal Conductivity
(Btu/hr/sq. ft./F/ft.)
9.5 at Room Temperature
Specific Heat (Btu/lb./F) at Room Temp.0.124
Annealing Temp. (F)Full1300°/30 Min. – 2 Hrs,; Air Cool
Stress Relief1000-1100°/30 Min.; Air Cool
Forging* Temp. (F)Blocking1600-1700°
Available Mill ProductsBar, Billet, Extrusions, Plate Sheet, Strip, Wire, Pipe, Tubing
Typical ApplicationFor corrosion resistance in the chemical industry where media is mildly reducing
or varies between oxidizing and reducing.
Industry SpecificationsASTM

  • B265 Grade 7
  • B348 Grade 7
  • F337 Grade 7
  • F338 Grade 7
  • F467 Grade 7
  • F468 Grade 7

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