6AL-4V / Grade 5 Titanium

6AL-4V / Grade 5 titanium is the most commonly used alloy in many different industries. 6Al-4V/Grade 5 titanium is much stronger than commercially pure titanium, but still has the same stiffness and most of the same thermal properties (it is much lower in 6AL-4V/Grade 5 than other alloys).

One of the most important characteristics of 6AL-4V / Grade 5 titanium, though, is that it is heat treatable and most can even be welded. Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, or other industries, this alloy can be used in a wide range of applications. The chart shows the mechanical, tensile, and physical properties of this 6AL-4V / Grade 5 alloy titanium.  Some of our available products include 6AL-4V/Grade 5 titanium sheet, bar, extrusions, strip, wire as well as custom-made products. If you would like more information on your options, contact us today to learn more.

Chemical Composition (%)
(Max. values unless range is shown)
0.08 C; 0.25 FE*, 0.05 N; 0.20 O;
5.50/6.75 AL; 3.5/4.5V 0.015 H (sheet);
0.0125H (bar); 0.0100 H (billet)
Guar. R.T. Min.Typical Elev. Temp. Prop.
600 F800 F1000 F
Ultimate Strength (psi)130,000100,00090,00070,000
Yield Strength (psi)0.2% offset120,00090,00075,00060,000
Elongation in 2″ (%)
Sheet > 0.025 thick
Reduction in Area (%) Bar25525368
Stress Rupture
in Time Shown
Stress (psi)98,0075,000
Time (Hrs.)1,0001,000
Stress and Time
to Produce Elongation
Shown (Creep)
Stress (psi)70,00032,000
Time (Hrs.)1,0001,000
Creep (%)0.10.1
Charpy V-Notch Impact (ft.-lbs.) at Room Temperature10 – 14
Bend RadiusUnder 0.070″ thick4.5 X Thickness
0.070″ And Over5.0 X Thickness
Welded Bend Radius6.0 – 10.0 X Thickness
Beta Transus (F ± 25)1830
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6in./in./F)32-2125.0
Density (lbs./cu. in.)0.160
Melting Point, Approx (F)3200
Electrical Resistivity at Room Temp. (Microhms cm)171
Modulus Elasticity – Tension (106 psi)16.5
Modulus Elasticity – Torsion (106 psi)6.1
Thermal Conductivity
(Btu/hr/sq. ft./F/ft.)
3.9 at Room Temperature
Specific Heat (Btu/lb./F) at Room Temp.0.135
Annealing Temp. (F)Full1300 – 1525°/15 Min. – 2 Hrs,; Air Cool
Stress Relief900 – 1200°/1 -4 Hrs.; Air Cool
Forging* Temp. (F)Blocking1750 – 1800°
Finishing1650 – 1750°
Available Mill ProductsBar, Billet, Extrusions, Plate Sheet, Strip, Wire
Typical ApplicationCompressor blades, discs, rings for jet engines, aircraft components, pressure vessels, rocket engine cases;
the most versatile titanium alloy.
Industry SpecificationsASTM

  • AMS 4911
  • AMS 4928
  • B265 Grade 5
  • B348 Grade 5
  • F467 Grade 5
  • F468 Grade 5