Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium – Grade 12

GRADE 12: Ti0.3Mo0.8Ni

Titanium Processing Center is a fully-stocked global distributor of titanium products, and we keep our inventory updated with a wide range of options. Grade 12 titanium is very durable alloy that is highly weldable and still provides a lot of strength at high temperatures. Many of its characteristics are very similar to 200 series stainless steel, which makes it a great choice for shell and heat exchangers, marine and airfare components, elevated temperature chemical manufacturing, and hydrometallurgical applications.

This alloy can be hot or cold formed through press brake forming, hydropress forming, stretch forming, or the drop hammer method. It has a very high corrosion resistance, and can be used in a variety of applications. At Titanium Processing Center we are committed to providing fast deliveries at reasonable prices, so contact us today to learn more or to get a quote on your next project.

Carbon 0.08 max
Hydrogen 0.015 max
Iron 0.3 max
Molybdenum 0.2 – 0.4
Nickel 0.6 – 0.9
Nitrogen 0.03 max
Oxygen 0.25 max
Titanium Balance

Principle Design Features: This near-alpha alloy combines excellent strength at high temperatures with excellent weldability and crevice corrosion resistance. Beta Transus (F +/- 25) 1634.

Applications: Generally employed in elevated temperature chemical manufacturing equipment where crevice corrosion is a concern. Also applied to a variety of marine and airframe components.

Machinability: As a family, titanium and its alloys have developed a mystique as a nightmare to machine. This is simply not the case. Experienced operators have compared its characteristics to those found in 316 stainless steel. Recommended practice includes high coolant flow(to offset the material’s low thermal conductivity), slow speeds and relatively high feed rates. Tooling should be tungsten carbide designations C1-C4 or cobalt type high speed tools.

Forming: May be hot or cold formed using hydropress, power brake, stretch or drop hammer methods. Similar in characteristics to 300 series stainless steels.

Welding: Rated as “excellent” in terms of weldability.

Heat Treatment: Not hardenable by heat treatment.

Forming: Rough work at 871 C (1600 F), finish at 788-843 C (1450-1550 F)

Hot Working: Hot forming will reduce both the springback and required forming forces, and will increase the overall ductility of the material.

Cold Working: The cold work characteristics of this material is similar to that of a moderately tempered austenitic stainless steel. In multiple cold forming operations, intermediate stress relief is recommended to prevent tearing or other material damage. Post-work annealing is required to reattain optimum performance characteristics.

Annealing: Heat to 732-816 C (1350- 1500 F),hold for 2 hours follow by air cooling. For intermediate stress relieving, heat to 538-649 C(1000-1200 F) and hold for 1 hour followed by air cooling.

Other Physical Props: Beta Transus (F +/- 25) 1634

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