Guide to Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium

Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium Grades 5, 7, 12 and 23

There are commercially pure grades, which are in definition, pure from any other added alloys. Then there are alloyed grades of titanium which have some sort of alloy added to build on properties like strength, ductility, or weld-ability. Because titanium has an amazing strength to weight ratio, it makes it a very valuable metal for industries where light weight and strength with resistance to heat are very important.

Titanium Grades Legend - Titanium Processing Center

Grades Legend

Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium - Grade 5

Grade 5

Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium - Grade 7

Grade 7

Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium - Grade 12

Grade 12

Alpha-Beta Alloy Titanium - Grade 23

Grade 23

Though titanium is already equipped with coveted properties like high strength and low weight as well as corrosion resistance, it also combines very well with other excellent alloys (aluminum, molybdenum, cobalt, zirconium, tin, and vanadium) that are able to make the metal stronger, lighter, and more formable or weld-able in some cases.

One of the most commonly used and important alloys of titanium is known as Grade23, the Extra Low Interstitial grade or ELI. This grade of titanium has advanced medical and surgical applications more than any other metal in our history. Along with the other extremely important properties of titanium, it is also non toxic to the human body. This biocompatibility means that titanium can be used in applications like surgical implants to replace bone or other failed hard tissues while the body is not negatively affected by the metal and is able to accept it as its own.

This property is also what makes it possible for the element to be used in pharmaceuticals and other important applications like food processing.

There is so much that this amazing metal does, and we are only hitting the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about why titanium metal can be so important to everyday life and how it is used all around you, sometimes without you even recognizing it.

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