Electrolytic Polishing – Maximizing Corrosion Resistance in Titanium

One of the most desirable properties of titanium metal is its resistance to corrosion. Another property is its ductility, which in some cases, can lead to deformities or scratches in the finished product. In order to get the maximum benefits from this amazing corrosion resistant metal, proper polishing is a necessary step. It will also ensure easier cleaning, lower contact angle with water, and better aerodynamics.

There is a number of titanium polishing techniques that can be used. One growing in popularity is a technique called electrolytic polishing, also known as electrochemical polishing. The key to this process is oxidization. A piece of titanium metal is immersed into a chemical bath (butanol, perchloric acid, methanol) connected to a DC power source. Here an electrical current passes through to a cathode which oxidizes and dissolves the surface of the titanium.

maximizing corrosion resistance in titanium infographic

The process is complete when the surface of the titanium appears white under a microscope.

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