Choosing a Knife – Titanium or Steel?

Let’s go back to caveman days. Imagine Ugg sitting across the fire from his wife Ula. Somehow this man needs to hunt and put food on the table… or the flattest rock in their homes decorated by only the finest in cave drawings. Even then, man’s instinct knew that the sharpest stick, rock, or bone was the best way to hunt down a lonely velociraptor for a Friday night BBQ.

Today’s feeding frenzy, or backyard BBQ, is no different. Well, sort of. We still gather for an outdoor feast with our dearest family and friends (hopefully not wearing loincloths – or hopefully, that’s your prerogative). You may not have had to slay the beast that has been perfectly marinated and now getting a world class char on the grill, but you’ll definitely still need some very sharp utensils to master the art of slicing and dicing.

So the question is: What is the best slicing, dicing, mincing, and cutting tool out there?

The answer is: A knife. But which knife? Butter knife? Bread knife? Pocket knife? Sword? Machete? Whatever you choose to place on a napkin to the right of your dinner plate, did you ever think that the choice might be deeper than that. Did you ever ask what the blade was made of? What will work best for you: titanium or steel?

Why choose steel?

As part of your well-renowned hosting and cooking skills, a set of steel knifes should be a staple in your kitchen. After all, Superman was not known as “The Man of Titanium.” So what are the benefits of having a steel blade?

  • Steel works best in the world of amateur and professional chefs. These blades can cut through anything, including frozen meat and even bone.
  • They are easy to store and will stick to a metal knife magnet.
  • Steel knives have been around a long time, so it is easy to find a quality sharpener to make sure you have a perfect tomato (or velociraptor) slicing edge. Nobody wants slices of mashed tomatoes in their salad or on their burger.

Why choose titanium?

For starters, titanium is virtually unbreakable. Steel is an incredible material, but come on… virtually unbreakable? Titanium blades first appeared as an appealing alternative material among divers, since it is resistant to corrosion from seawater. This is also why the Navy SEALs became one of the largest first consumers of titanium knives. If titanium if good enough for the military, shouldn’t it be good enough for the everyday consumer, too?

Titanium blades allow divers, military or civilian, to tackle underwater jobs with ease, such as:

  • Cutting strong lines of rope
  • Breaking wood elements hardened by prolonged saltwater exposure
  • Cutting through coral pieces
  • Cutting through sea-life shells

Titanium is not just for those whose jobs take them underwater. This type of knife is also perfect for campers, fishers, and hunters. Blades made out of other materials can rust and lose their sharp edge easily if not carefully cared for. With titanium blades, this is not an issue. So after catching and cleaning that humongous fish that has been taunting you all summer, you can swish your knife in the stream, wipe it on your vest, and toss it in you pack without worry that the blade will rust.

Whether you are reaching for a knife to make the perfect julienne potatoes or to carry along as an excellent hunting companion, choose wisely when picking the material for your blade. A knife can be your best friend in the kitchen and your greatest tool in the great outdoors.