Titanium Pipe Welding Tips and Tricks

Titanium Pipe Welding Tips and Tricks Titanium piping has become more popular as more of its favorable attributes are being discovered. Titanium is stronger than aluminum and steel. It is also lighter than steel. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, has a long-use life and low maintenance and operation costs. If you’ve made the investment […]

What to Look for in a Titanium Supplier

What to Look for in a Titanium Supplier Titanium is a strong, durable, light metal that is also corrosion resistant, making its use beneficial in a variety of applications. Titanium is also more expensive than steel, making it a significant investment. Chances are, you’ve likely considered other metal options for your project besides titanium. Now […]

Does Titanium Rust?

Does Titanium Rust? Titanium Characteristics, Care and Uses Metals rust and corrode as the result of the metal breaking down when exposed to extreme, wet or acid dominated environments. All metal eventually experiences this kind of break down. Some metals, however, are more resistant to them than others. This is the case of the titanium […]

Types of Titanium Alloys

Types of Titanium Alloys Titanium is considered to be one of the strongest metals. Its strength, heat, water and salt resistance, and its light weight make it the ideal metal for a variety of applications. These applications range from jewelry and dental implants to airplanes and ships. Pure titanium is strong and corrosive resistant. Titanium […]

The Element Titanium

The Element Titanium   About Titanium The element titanium is a metallic compound that is hardy and naturally abundant. Its strength and durability makes its uses quite varied. It has the atomic number of 22 on the periodic table. Titanium is the ninth most abundant element on Earth. It is almost always present in rocks […]

Uses of Titanium in the Medical Industry

Titanium Medical Industry Uses Titanium is used in a variety of industries including recreation, defense, dentistry and medicine. Yes, the same material used in building airplanes are also used in heart valves. The toughness, strength and durability of titanium rivals that of steel, but it is significantly lighter. These elements have been what has made […]

Understanding CP-70 Titanium

Understanding CP-70 Titanium Understanding CP-70 Titanium:  Believe it or not, not all titanium is equal. Some classes, or grades are stronger than others. CP-70 titanium gets its name from its approximate yield strength of 70 ksi (or 480 MPa). It is the strongest and most resistant grade of titanium. There are four grades of titanium […]

Titanium TI-6AL-4V Properties & Common Uses

Titanium TI-6AL-4V Properties & Common Uses TI-6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium:  If you find yourself talking about TI-6AL-4V grade 5 titanium… you are talking about the Cadillac of the titanium alloy world. This workhorse alloy is the most commonly used metal in the aerospace, marine, power generation, and offshore industries (just to name a few). Because […]

A Closer Look at Titanium Processing

A Closer Look at Titanium Processing Milling and processing are the biggest cost factors in producing titanium. This metal is one of the most abundant in the earth, so, unlike some precious metals, its price is not about its rarity. Instead, the cost is directly related to the difficulty of dealing with the raw materials. […]

Titanium Uses in Dentistry

Titanium Uses in Dentistry Titanium is a metal alloy that has gained popularity in recent years in both the medical and dental fields. It has unique properties that make it preferable to other medical metals and alloys. In dentistry, steel and gold have been the traditional “go-tos” for procedures such as crowns, implants and braces. […]