5 Common Uses for Titanium Plate

titanium plate common uses

Titanium has become the chosen metal in many applications because of its lightweight, durability and corrosion resistance. When most think of titanium applications, they often think of titanium piping.

Like other metals, titanium can be made and sold in different sizes and shapes, ranging from tiny screws and bolts to large sheets and every size and shape in between.

Maybe your project doesn’t require tubing or piping. Maybe you need a titanium plate instead. If you think that titanium is only useful in tubing and piping, think again.

Here are 5 uses for titanium plates:

1. Laptop Computers

The lightness of titanium combined with its shiny, modern, industrial look has caught the eye of laptop manufacturers. Apple, for example, uses titanium in the body of its PowerBook laptops.

2. Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is by far the largest user of titanium parts. Titanium sheets and plates are often used in the skin and frame structure of aircraft ranging from high-speed military jets to large 747s.

Titanium plates are also used around the moving parts of an aircraft and in aircraft propellers and engines.

Titanium can withstand high-speeds and endure the harsh elements of high-altitude air travel.

3. Architecture and Art

Its durability and sleek look make titanium a popular choice for buildings and sculptures. Titanium plates and sheets have been used in panels for skyscrapers to museums. Memorials and statues have also been created using titanium panels.

Titanium plates have also been used to provide support for buildings. For example, titanium was used to support and stabilize the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

4. Armor

Titanium’s high strength and light weight make it ideal for armor and protection applications. It has superior ballistic properties that make it a vital component for such applications. The lightness of titanium makes titanium armor more comfortable to wear.

Titanium plates are used in protective armor, tanks, vests, helmets and personnel carriers. These protective applications are used by both the military and police departments across the U.S.

5. Industrial

Just like the aerospace industry, the industrial applications for titanium is also large. The industrial industry is one of the top consumers of titanium, just behind aerospace.

Titanium’s durability, cost-effectiveness, light weight, corrosion and heat resistance make it a desirable metal for various industries, including those that work with ocean water, high heat and other chemicals.

A variety of titanium parts are utilized in the industrial industry. Power plants, petroleum extraction and processing plants and geo-thermal power plants use titanium in their piping, tubing, fittings and fixtures. Titanium plates and sheets are also used to line holding tanks.

Besides piping, titanium plates can be used for a variety of uses. Titanium plates can easily be cut to the size and thickness of what is needed for a project.

If you’re in need of titanium plates for your next project, contact Titanium Processing Center today and we’ll help create the perfect titanium plate for you.