The Element Titanium

The Element Titanium   About Titanium The element titanium is a metallic compound that is hardy and naturally abundant. Its strength and durability makes its uses quite varied. It has the atomic number of 22 on the periodic table. Titanium is the ninth most abundant element on Earth. It is almost always present in rocks […]

Understanding CP-70 Titanium

Understanding CP-70 Titanium Understanding CP-70 Titanium:  Believe it or not, not all titanium is equal. Some classes, or grades are stronger than others. CP-70 titanium gets its name from its approximate yield strength of 70 ksi (or 480 MPa). It is the strongest and most resistant grade of titanium. There are four grades of titanium […]

Titanium Uses in Dentistry

Titanium Uses in Dentistry Titanium is a metal alloy that has gained popularity in recent years in both the medical and dental fields. It has unique properties that make it preferable to other medical metals and alloys. In dentistry, steel and gold have been the traditional “go-tos” for procedures such as crowns, implants and braces. […]

The History of Titanium

The History of Titanium Where it Came From and How it’s Made The Greek God “Titan,” the God of enormous strength, is where this metal got it’s name and it has been around since 1790. The process that allowed the metal to be extracted from the ore wasn’t discovered until 1910 in England by M.A. […]

Fascinating Uses of Titanium

Fascinating Uses of Titanium When you are in the titanium industry you work with many engineers, designers and manufacturers who are using titanium for a wide variety of products and projects. This structural metal can easily brag about being extremely tough, but lightweight. The strength to weight ratio is a force to be reckoned with. […]

Advances in Titanium Machining

Advances in Titanium Machining How to Effectively Machine Titanium Titanium is one of the more abundant metals residing in the earth’s crust, and yet it remains one of the more difficult metals to extract, mill, and machine. It’s specifically because of these challenges that titanium products often have higher costs associated with them. The benefits […]